Awana Registration 2023-24

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Authorizations & Agreement

I hereby give permission for my child(ren) to:

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Due to the increased attendance and the anticipated future growth of the program, along with the expressed concerns of several clubber parents about children running around in the parking lot before and after club time, this policy is adopted by the Awana leadership.

ALL clubbers must be accompanied by a parent or sibling (16 years or older) into and out of the building.

Sign in:
Cubbies - The Clubhouse
Sparks - Tunnel Entrance near Elevator
T&T - Narthex

Sign out:
Cubbies - The Clubhouse
Sparks - Tunnel Entrance near Elevator
T&T - Heritage Hall

Clubbers must remain inside the building during the evening, unless otherwise supervised.

Oxlip Awana FAQs

How old do my children need to be in order to participate?
We offer Cubbies (age 3 and 4), Sparks (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade), and T&T (3rd - 6th Grade). Children must be 3 years old by September 1st, 2020 to register for Cubbies.

What are Dues and do I need to pay them?
Dues are optional, but encouraged. All dues go to support our local Awana Missionary, Bill Hoppe. Bill and his wife Cindy live in Northern Minnesota and serve 99 churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. We love Bill! Find out more about him here:

What is AwanaGo?
AwanaGo (Global Outreach) was formally known as Adopt-a-Club. We have done several things in the past through AwanaGo, including Kids Reaching Kids (The Africa Project) and Verse-a-Thon. Every $10 raised sends another child to Awana to learn about the gospel! Find out more about AwanaGo here:

Does my child need a new vest?
  • Are they a brand new clubber? Yes.
  • Are they heading into a new club (Cubbies to Sparks, Sparks to T&T)? Yes.
  • Have they gone through an incredible growth spurt over the summer and there’s no way they can wiggle their way into the one they have? Yes. Don’t worry about transferring jewels or patches, we can take care of that in the office.
  • Were they involved in one of the clubs and are still in the same one this year (Pre-K 3 to Pre-K 4, 1st to 2nd, 5th to 6th…)? No, unless the above question applies.
Note: While T&Ters are in shirts, Cubbies and Sparks wear vests and they tend to run very small. If your clubber needs a vest, please come to the office to try sizes before ordering.

Does my child need a new book?
  • Cubbies - Yes.
  • Sparks - If your child completed their book last year, yes. If they did not finish their regular book, no. Frequent Flyer books don’t count.
  • T&T - Yes.

How do you calculate prices?
We have an organizational discount ordering from the Awana online store, so that price is reflected in the price you pay. New prices drop during the summer, so if you register early, you’re probably getting a better price!

I’d like to volunteer.
Yay! You can download a volunteer form HERE and then either come visit with us in the Awana office or send us an email at

Payments can be made by going to giving on the website and selecting "Awana Registration" from the dropdown menu.